Helping People and Organizations Lead and Innovate
Cultivating potential and improving performance to get extraordinary results

Mangum Partners’ professional coaching works through an interactive process. We collaborate to help individuals and organizations improve performance. Our goal is for you to achieve extraordinary results.

Our philosophy is that coaching is a relationship and a process. Coaching is about helping you reach your potential by creating the means for transformative change. Through a trusting and confidential relationship built on commitment, coaching and counseling skills with understanding of human change, we coach our clients through a three-step process; an iterative process of three overlapping phases.

Coaching Phase Process Defined
Self-Discovery and Awareness Sharpening the focus on the image in the mirror; acknowledging mental models, beliefs, values, needs, and dreams. May incorporate assessments such as MBTI and 360 Feedback. We’ll collect information, both explicit and implicit, and consider the data to get an accurate appraisal of strengths, personality traits, development areas, blind spots that may hinder growth and uncover existing potential.
Action and Learning These two forces combined create change. Learning opens up new possibilities and moves the client forward to develop a transformational action plan to help achieve personal and organizational performance objectives.
Commitment, Integration, Accountability and Support Commit to action steps that will integrate the learning and forward the action. Set in motion accountability partners; trusted truth-tellers. Develop a solid support system and network to ensure sustained development and growth. The coach maintains contact on an as-needed basis and remains vigilant in supporting the client’s continued personal growth and development.

Our goal is to help you accomplish real and lasting change.
Our customized approach is designed to address issues unique to your needs. Areas we’ll work with you on may include (but are not limited to):
Executives - who want to map out and manage their optimal career path and consciously craft personal and professional impact; work to improve communication skills; enhance emotional intelligence and build stronger relationships
Teams - for teams ready to move forward with conviction
Personal Leadership - for existing and emerging stars who want to cultivate their leadership skills; make a career transition; achieve short or long-term personal or professional goals
Career Transition - for individuals considering moving into a new position or who want to design a new career and life plan
Entrepreneurs and Emerging Businesses - for people who want to start or grow a small business
Leadership Coaching and Consulting
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