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Trust is the key to any relationship. You want to trust that Mangum Partners Coaching, LLC can deliver. Here are testimonials from people like you who we have worked with.

Testimonials for Deborah Mangum
  • Coach Mangum is one of the reasons that I have become a sought after CEO. She also helps me maintain balance between my professional and personal life. She uses her listening skills and incredible memory to remind me of my prior situations, thoughts and solutions, to help me frame up the current situation so that solutions are clear. I trust Coach Mangum with the most difficult and confidential situations including strategic planning, negotiation and career planning. On a personal side, Deborah is a great lady to know, easy to talk with and truly cares about my progress!
    ~ CEO, Technology Company
  • I have been working with Deborah Mangum as my business/personal development coach for the past months and have really enjoyed and benefited from her coaching style. She has been able to ask the questions necessary to direct my thought process in such a way that guides me to coming up with the answers I am looking for. She has been able to offer different perspectives and ways for me to communicate with my staff and peers that create a sense of value and trust. She is very effective at reinforcing the positive and encouraging the confidence within me that will allow for growth and success as an effective leader in my organization. Thanks Deborah!
    ~ Business Owner and Clinician
  • Deborah’s gifts include an incredible capacity to listen, to make connections between people, and to affirm and nurture individual and group development. Her caring spirit and sincere interest in people combine to make her very effective as a coach, mentor, and facilitator.
    ~ Lead Administrator, NC State University
  • As a result of Deborah’s coaching I have rediscovered my latent passions; redirected my focus and resumed my quest to run the race of my life triumphantly.
    ~ Broker, Real Estate
  • Her questions open a much-needed space for reflection, for looking both inward and forward. Her goal is never to share her answers but always to support you in finding your own.
    ~ Director, University Center
  • Thank you so much for being someone I can turn to for wisdom and a clear action plan. How true it is that at every age we continue to learn and grow — bless you for helping me get my priorities in order and reminding me to let go of the things that hold me back. One of your many gifts is coaching and I know that many people are in a better place because of the positive impact and influence you have made on their lives.
    ~ President, NuEra Health Alliance Ltd.
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