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When it comes to cultivating human potential, it’s important to work with people you can trust.

Mangum Partners Coaching, LLC is a true partnership: you and us. Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes hard work, a positive attitude, desire and, most important of all, a trusted coach. We enter the process with no agenda other than to use our proven coaching relationship and coaching skills/expertise to help clients who are ready for change to focus on the crucial developmental milestones that will position them for success.

Credentialed by the leading training and change-makers in the coaching and leadership development fields, we use a unique down-to-earth coaching approach that combines deep listening with incisive inquiry to help clients tease out, for themselves, the best path forward. Then, together, we write the blueprint and build the new way of being that brings out the best in people. Because, to us, it’s all about you–your gifts, your strengths–and helping you create a positive plan of action to leverage them.

About Deborah Mangum
Deborah Mangum

Deborah Mangum is in the behavior change business. A certified coach, counselor, teacher, mediator and facilitator–from Myers-Briggs to Tilt 365–she empowers leaders and learners at all levels of business, education, non-profit and academia to realize their potential for greatness. With special expertise in the networking, pharmaceutical and tech industries, she uses her decades of experience and knowledge of business best practices, from start-up to scale-up, to help clients achieve better solutions for increased effectiveness.

A seasoned entrepreneur and recognized program innovator with a long history of effective people-building and change creation, she co-owned and operated a successful publishing and software company and founded the Kenan Fellows Program at NC State University to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Deborah continues to be a trusted coach and strategic partner with Raleigh’s Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions. Expert at bringing people together to ask “what if...,” she is passionate about helping others realize their potential, building community and creating collaborative partnerships between the private and public sector for the greater good. For her full CV, click here.

About Michael Rubell
Deborah Mangum

Michael Rubell has enjoyed over 25 years of assisting organizations, teams and individuals discover and achieve their potential. As a consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach, he partners with clients providing questions and structure that helps them create their pathway to success in achieving their individual and business goals.

During his six years with a major pharmaceutical company, he led, designed and conducted several global training initiatives in both human resources and line unit departments. While managing the training group, he implemented workshops in leadership, management, and team training for cross-functional global project teams.

An independent consultant and owner of Teamworks International for 20 years, Michael works with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to start-ups, non-profits to the military, and in business sectors which include pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotech and IT.

About Maria Costa
Maria Costa

Over the past 20 years Maria Costa has been enjoying her activity working in international environments and global programs as an executive and team coach and facilitator, designing and delivering programs.

Maria is a Professional Certified Coach by ICF, and she is fully centered on her clients, partnering with them along the coaching journey. She uses powerful questions, combining care and respect with thoughtful insights to help the client to identify the issues at hand, to clearly articulate the results they wish to obtain, and to develop a strong vision of successfully achieving the desired results.

To support her activity, Maria uses different assessments such as: MBTI, TLC and TILT.

Organizations Maria worked for recently include: Red Hat, GSK, Ford Motor Company, Shire Pharmaceutical, Deloitte, Delphi, BNP Paribas, Shell, McKinsey, among others.

In her home country of Portugal, Maria is an invited teacher at Porto Business School for Post Graduate Programs and in-company programs that focus on areas such as communication, leadership and personal competencies development.

Maria is mother of two boys (born in 1990 and 1991). She is an open-minded person with a positive attitude towards life, facing every situation as an opportunity to learn, and she is passionate about all the activities that connect people

About Rowan Gates
Rowan Gates

Rowan has over 35 years experience in consulting and Human Resource Development. Rowan’s experience has been gained in a variety of roles, both as an internal practitioner and an external consultant and coach. His experiences cover a broad range of industries including, Banking, Insurance, High-Tech, Retail, Entertainment and Oil & Gas Industries.

Rowan operates on a global basis, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific, Sub Continent and Australian region, Rowan has worked and consulted in over 20 different countries, and is highly skilled at facilitating in multi-cultural environments.

With a focus on Leadership and Management Development, Rowan has coached executives and leaders at multiple levels to shape culture and drive high performance across organizations. Rowan has deep expertise working with intact teams and improving productivity between work groups within organizations, particularly within large scale projects.

On the personal side, Rowan enjoys life in Perth, Western Australia where he lives with his wife and two children. He is a keen beach-goer, and runs and swims daily when he is not traveling.

About Renni Jessup
Renni Jessup

Renni Jessup is the Chief Learning Officer with Audrey McGuckin Talent Solutions. She brings 20 years of experience as an innovative HR leader, with deep knowledge in Organizational and Leadership Development. Renni has a passion for partnering with executives to create and execute talent strategies and leadership development journeys to help organizations achieve their goals. A human centered approach sits at the center of all of her designs. She is also an ICF Certified Executive Coach and enjoys helping individuals unlock their full potential. She leads powerful conversations that go beyond templates and tools to solve business problems and unlock organizational capacity.

Prior to consulting, Renni worked as an HR Executive in Fortune 500 companies and has global experience within the hospitality, manufacturing, and medical device industries. She has supported Talent & Leadership Development in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Renni earned a Bachelor’s in Spanish while attending Universitat de Barcelona and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Knox College. She has Master’s Degree in Labor and Industrial Relations from University of Illinois. She has her SPHR and multiple certificates.

About Carey Bongard
Frans Campher

Carey Bongard is an executive with more than three decades of progressive leadership experience in global human resources, talent management, leadership development and communication.

Carey is a certified executive coach with more than 20 years of coaching experience. She is focused on helping executives and senior leaders increase their individual and collective effectiveness and organizations achieve their goals. Clients include telecommunication, technology, manufacturing, consumer goods, insurance and family-owned businesses. Carey is regarded as a principled, practical and inspirational leader, coach and partner.

Carey’s leadership responsibilities included global human resources, learning and development, executive coaching, organizational development, global mobility, corporate and marketing communication, talent acquisition, talent management and inclusion, and acquisition integration. She was executive vice president, Human Resources, Organizational Development and Communications for Assurant Solutions from July 2011 through January 2016 and senior vice president, Global Talent Management and Development for Assurant, Inc. from January 2016 to July 2019.

Carey is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and Risk & Insurance major. She earned her master’s degree in professional development and executive coaching from Middlesex University, London. Carey joined the Dean’s Advisory Board for the Wisconsin School of Business in October 2014, was its chair from May 2016 to April 2019, and is now an emeritus board member. Carey joined the board for the Mequon Community Foundation in 2020. She was a mentor for Atlanta Tech Village, a collaborative community for start-ups, and continues to mentor high-potential leaders.

Carey has a master’s degree and certification in Executive Coaching and Professional Development.

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